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April 28, 2018

Yes, it has been a week since Coachella weekend two, and yes, that’s because I did get “the Coachella cough” and have been recovering! Walking 100,000 steps in 3 days and then doing it all over again really takes a toll on you! I mean that’s over 62 miles in 6 days! Crazy. 

I have to admit, doing two weekends back to back of Coachella is rough! 

Overall, had such a fun time! Grants bestie from Minnesota care down and his friend Bryan went with us as well. It was a boys weekend and somehow I was able to “hang with the boys”. Except for Saturday haha. Then Sunday I needed to chug two redbull vodkas to stay in the game, but somehow I made it!

This was our first time doing both weekends and it was pretty cool getting to come back after such an epic weekend one. It was cool to be able to see some different bands, and also cool to know who I wanted to see a second time. 

I was a bit sad that Odessa didn’t have drones the 2nd weekend! So sad.

On to my outfits!

Day 1 was my 70's inspired look. I rea...

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