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March 27, 2018

I realize I haven’t done an outfit post in a while! & sometimes it’s hard when my photographer is my boyfriend! Shout out to all those instagram husbands out there, I’m sure they get annoyed having to wait to eat their food and take countless pictures for us. Thanks my insta-hubby Grant! 

I’m OBSSESSED with these cheap little silly pants I purchased from Forever 21!  I am very picky and although I don’t usually find items I like at Forever21, it is a great option for easy affordable items. I had been looking for some easy light pants for summer and I love the yellow color! At first I couldn’t decide if I really thought they flattered by body type, but after putting them on Sunday morning, I couldn’t take them off!

I don’t know how they will wash, Ive had bad experiences washing forever21 Items. I know I’ll need to steam wrinkles out I’m sure. (I really should have steamed them before wearing them out, but oh well!)

& while I was at Forever21, I spotted these crop tops in their style deals...

December 4, 2016

Yum! What a wonderful place to have weekend brunch! Grant and I have been here a few times (our friend Bryan works as a waiter at the pool). We always enjoy brunch at Kings Highway. Plus, they have my favorite coffee stumptown!

Stumptown coffee from Oregon is amazing! Their original blend which is called Hair Bender, tastes like coffee and chocolate. So basically, I love it. Seriously, try this coffee!!!

The food at Kings Highway is bomb! I had "The Big Breakfast" which is basically eggs, toast, hasbrowns, and two sides of your choosing! I had my eggs poached with avocado and thick cut bacon, of course. So good! Their hash browns are soooo good!

Grant had a "BLAT" bacon, lettuce, and tomato, plus he added a fried egg. Yum! And his fries and ranch dressing were good too! I'm one of those people that eats off other people's plates without asking. (Oops!) food just speaks to me and tells me to eat it! ;)

De-LISH meal, highly recommend!!!!

November 20, 2016

If you follow me on instagram, I posted this picture of my de-lish cappuccino from brunch yesterday at Joeys Palm Springs! I have seen this place while driving through downtown and have been wanting to try it! I follow them on Instagram and everything always looks so YUM, and yesterday I finally got to try. 

Obviously the coffee was so good. & brunch was really really good! The place is so cute! We almost sat inside because I love the green cushion seats along one side, but it was so nice and cool this morning (finally it's starting to feel like winter), that we had to sit outside. 

For brunch, I ordered the poached eggs and toast. It was the perfect amount for me. It usually comes with one poached egg so I definitely recommend getting two. The toast was so good! I left one piece of toast to the side so I could put the de-lish strawberry jam on it and eat it for "brunch dessert". My sweet treat. 

Grant had the croque madam! I didn't even try his actually haha. He said it was very goo...

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