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January 15, 2017

I wanted to share some photographs of the condo as it is right now to give you an idea of what we're working with. I know there are still empty spaces and maybe things aren't in their right place. Things will definitely be moved around. But here's a few shots just to give you an idea of the space!

One thing that I'm so glad has been done, is all the new hardwired lights are installed! See my other blog post about swapping out your light fixtures.

Out tiny kitchen actually works for us. In a small condo, every sqft counts! & for us, a tiny kitchen makes sense. There used to be an ugly and very low light there over the bar and i replaced it with this simple brass fixture and a large light bulb. The middle light fixture(not shown here) has not been replaced yet. the only one I haven't found a replacement for.

 yes, we have no bar stools for our counter bar. & yes, that table is actually for outside! It will be moved to our front patio when we do find the perfect large dining room table and c...

December 2, 2016

One thing I really want to do in our rental is change out the light fixtures. This is a great way for renters to customize a rental! You just have to make sure to keep the old light fixtures and put them back before you move out.

So onto ideas! If you took a peek at my Pinterest board that I mentioned in this post, you may recognize some of the options I will mention below.

Dining room.

Unfortunately, there is this random fan not in the center of the dining room, but in-between the middle of the dining room and the kitchen bar? Very strange place to put a fan if you ask me. I have never even understood why anyone would place a ceiling fan in a dining room area.... hello? I don't want my food to get cold!

So my plan to remedy this strange predicament is to remove the ceiling fan altogether and place a pendant light there with a hook in the ceiling to make it center above the dining room table (the table we currently don't have).

I just purchased the exact light I want to go here. I'm OBSESSE...

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