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February 14, 2017

Happy valentines everyone! I wanted to share a post about how grant and I actually spend Valentine's Day. 

1st of all, we don't go out to dinner! We aren't really into the traditional notion of Valentines day. We don't purchase gifts or flowers, or go out. 

Although I love the idea behind Valentines Day, I do think its something that should be celebrated more than just one day a year. Grant and I try to show our love and appreciation for each other all year round, not just on one day. Grant is very very much into more sentimental things, like cards! I purchased the sweetest card for him and wrote something special just between us.

& don't forget that love is not just for your significant other! I ALWAYS send my bestie Courtney a card as well. 

We did visit the shops at thirteen forty five and take a cute selfie in front of their painted pink wall for Valentine's Day. & we discovered we don't look very cute when we kiss! Hahah. And although we don't usually go out to din...

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