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How it All Started...

September 7, 2015


Here’s the thing.


When I turned 25, things got a little weird for me. I’d like to call it my “quarter life crisis”. I broke up with my boyfriend of 4&1/2 years, decided to go freelance with my photography and quit my full time job working for Forever 21 HQ in Los Angeles, bought a new Mini Cooper(best thing I ever did), and moved back to my hometown Palm Springs, CA. Yeah, it was a very confusing time in my life.


Its been a bit rough, but my life has changed so much since then, and all for the better.

Now I’m happy to say that life is amazing. Still have a few kinks to work out (who doesn’t?), but overall I’m so lucky to have the life I have now.


I’m a Freelance Photographer based out of Palm Springs, CA. But really, I work all over southern California. Mostly Los Angeles and San Diego. I’m spending more time with my family here in Palm Springs, and less time in traffic like I did living full time in LA.


To top it all off I’m in love with my new boyfriend of 5 months.


This blog is going to be about my life and all the things I love and want to share. A youtube channel is in the works, behind the scenes of my photo shoots, what it’s like to be a freelance photographer, a guide to Palm Springs, and a whole lot more.


Behind the lens of Z.




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