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Modernism Week 2016

March 3, 2016

I had such a fun time at this years modernism week! I wanted to share some highlights of the week and some of the fun events I attended. If you've been following me on instagram you've already seen a few things I've gone to. (Please excuse my silly iPhone snaps!)


The Christoper Kennedy Compound

 Look at that beautiful pool with the palm trees and the mountains. The best Palm Springs view. I happen to LOVE south Palm Springs. I had a wonderful time touring the compound and the house next door. Of course who didn't love Kelly go lightly colorfully designed closet! Dream! Although if you know me, I'm not so colorful - I can appreciate it though. The "pool boy" button and "press for champagne" buttons really added something special.





I also LOVE this amazing master bathroom! I had to capture a few snaps to show to the boyfriend. My future bathroom perhaps?!?!?





Another great little treat was seeing my we Cb2 bed frame in the guest room of the house next door! It was great to see it in real life before mine was delivered. Here's a snap. I'll be showing you mine later!



Lisa Perry event


Lisa Perry is a famous designer out of New York with a vintage inspiration. She is most famous for her swing dress, circle pockets, and her bright colors! She definitely fits it with Palm Springs style and it really sounded like she was enjoying her trip to Palm Springs. Do I see a store here in the future? Her light up clutch was a big hit and I enjoy the fact that she does collaborations with artists.

It was nice to hear her talk about her inspiration, how she started, and where she sees her brand going in the future. Definitely a motivated and inspiring women. Who I now follow on instagram ;)


Trailer show


who would have thought touring trailers would be so much fun? Made me want to drop 20-40 grand on a cute trailer! (If only). I have had my eye on a little drop leaf trailer for my Mini Cooper ever since seeing the one designed specifically for a mini to haul! So cute. A bed and a mini kitchen is all I need baby.


There was a super cute modular company that I was super excited to look at! They had three models to show the different things you could do with it! Go to their website to watch some vids on it  happiercamper.com


I was planning on doing more for modernism week this year but since some of it I spent in SD with the boyfriend I didn't get a chance to do everything. I thought maybe I'd do some walking tours. Then I realized, I can do a walking tour any day of the week! I love living here in Palm Springs. Glad to be in my hometown.



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