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My Condo Tour - "Before-ish"

January 15, 2017

I wanted to share some photographs of the condo as it is right now to give you an idea of what we're working with. I know there are still empty spaces and maybe things aren't in their right place. Things will definitely be moved around. But here's a few shots just to give you an idea of the space!


One thing that I'm so glad has been done, is all the new hardwired lights are installed! See my other blog post about swapping out your light fixtures.




Out tiny kitchen actually works for us. In a small condo, every sqft counts! & for us, a tiny kitchen makes sense. There used to be an ugly and very low light there over the bar and i replaced it with this simple brass fixture and a large light bulb. The middle light fixture(not shown here) has not been replaced yet. the only one I haven't found a replacement for.




 yes, we have no bar stools for our counter bar. & yes, that table is actually for outside! It will be moved to our front patio when we do find the perfect large dining room table and chairs to fit the space better. & there used to be a very large ugly fan where that light fixture is, and I'm so happy its gone! we did have to "swing the current light fixture over since it wasn't centered, but hey, I think it works.

 The only new items we've purchased are the bar cart and the coffee table! & yes, I know that rug looks silly because its so small. & we are using our old coffee table as movie and game storage. Someday soon a large big screen tv will be mounted to the wall where our wreath is, and a new beautiful caramel leather couch will take the other couches place.


Things will definitely be changing! The living room layout isn't ideal because we have to leave some sort of a path to get to the office/den, and some people might have had there couch face the opposite direction, but I wanted to be able to sit on our couch and look out at our patio and the mountain views and palm trees! Which is exactly what Palm Springs is all about.


I love the double pocket doors to the 2nd bedroom/office. We will use this as my office and 2nd living area and have the doors open. Then bring out the blow up mattress and close the doors when we have guests staying with us. My desk is from CB2, and is a standing desk. I'm obsessed with it and rarely use the chair we got at the Palm Springs Vintage Market. You'll also notice the large mirrors, they are simply my closet mirror doors from our bedroom. not sure if they will stay there or not. This room also had no hardwired lighting so I decided just to hang another large light bulb up there with a black cord kit.




The bathroom layout is a little different. I guess technically we have 1&1/2 bathrooms? As you can see, one bathroom has a large shower in the middle, and then a door you can close that goes to the guest bathroom. The guest bathroom is a little larger and right off my office so its become my bathroom and the other is Grant's. We used to have  a2 bedroom 2 bath place and never used the 2nd bathroom so I think this layout, although a little different, works for us.


Its hard to see the blown out lights in the bathroom, but I LOVE them! shop here & only $60! & again with those same bulbs




The size of our bedroom actually fits our large king size 4 poster bed frame, and we finally have a closet for two. Again, no hardwired light fixtures here either! Temporarily, I used more of those black cord kits with these neat vintage bulbs for now. I want to find some awesome vintage matching lambs to go on our vintage night stands, but so far i haven't found the perfect fit. What you don't see, is the floor to ceiling sliding doors also in the bedroom which is bringing all that light in and open up onto our private front patio. I love!


The hardest thing about renting a place instead of purchasing your own is that its very hard to change things! I would love stainless steal appliances, dishwasher drawers instead of one large dishwasher, new counter tops, a more open floor plan kitchen. & those are just a few things I'd change in just our kitchen alone! Don't get me started on the tile flooring! Realistically speaking, we would never be able to find "the perfect place" with everything I want, but I really do love our place regardless of the things I would change.


What do you think of our little place?


As soon as I saw all the floor to ceiling sliding doors and windows, I was sold. I love mid century architecture. 



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